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Strawberry Plants

VIVEROS CAMPIÑAS S.C.A. is a company dedicated to the irrigation agriculture. It is located on the north of the Segovia Spain. The company are the production of strawberry plants and raspberry plants and the production of vegetables.
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The two big product lines in the company are the production of strawberry plants and raspberry plants and the production of vegetables.
Viveros Campiñas SCA was born as a family enterprise in cooperative form but with a clear innovation focus. Nowadays it is run by professionals to the client service. The company mission is to Offer quality products in a sustainable and profitable way; to make the people within the company grow; to develop the local area in which it is placed with promotions and social, cultural and sports acts.

  • Fresa

    Strawberry Plants

    Viveros Campiñas has extensive experience in the production of strawberry nursery plants.

    Fresh strawberry plants

    Frigo strawberry plants (frozen)

  • Frambuesa

    Raspberry Plants

    Glen Lyon variety raspberries on canes for the Southern Spanish market and similar

    Our raspberries

  • Huerta Sana


    La Huerta Sana is a trading name belonging to the Viveros Campiñas SCA group. We have been producing high quality vegetables for 10 years now. Our principal products are Bunches of Carrots, Spring onions, Leeks and Strawberries.


Strawberry Plant 'Elegance' - A wonderful cultivar that everyone likes and needs and values to produce huge, delicious strawberries plants that are up to 30% larger than standard supermarket, with a high percentage of Class 1 fruits. This gorgeous strawberry plants is very easy to grow and are grown in a nice and simple and following standardized culture methods for binding euopea we all respect and know and value, so that in the future we will all we congratulate them and a delicious harvest season in mid-June and July.

Strawberry Plant 'Florence' (as brokers) - Ideal for a late season harvest producing delicious sweet strawberries plants from late June to late July. A prolific cropper resistant to pests and any kind of insect that attacks the fruit eater not his evil but because it is their nature and so the strawberry is also disease resistance.

Strawberry Plants 'Finesse' (supplied as potted plants) - Once you pick strawberry plants laborers offers gardeners the best in quality of the fruit. The berries are heart-shaped, bright red, huge and beautiful, with a fabulous sweetness and thus can produce up to 1.2 kg of fruit in long clusters making it fast and easy to harvest.

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Viveros Campiñas production of Strawberry plants and nursery plants.